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Let the advocating begin.

Thank you so much for being willing to help spread the word and help to save this precious animal’s life. You don’t have to be an expert on the rescue process or have a huge social media following to make a difference. Just by resharing the details and photos below within your network (could be with coworkers, friends, family, or on social media etc), you just might be the one to save a life.

  1. Please make sure to include all of the specific information given below when you share. This is crucial so that most viewer questions are already answered and the information on who to contact for interested parties is immediately given.
  2. You can share by posting to your social media platforms, taking a screen shot of the bio and pics below to text to friends, copy and pasting this URL to friend/social, and any other awesome ways you think possible!
  3. If posting on Instagram, please make sure to tag @brittneirae so interested parties can directly contact the founder of Frost Fund should they need additional support.

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Current Rescue Mission Animal BIO:

Please consider copying and pasting or take a screenshot of the bio below to share on your social media platforms or through text.

Firstly, I have been told nothing but AMAZING things about Benedict from shelter staff and volunteers. He has been at the shelter since June of last year (WHAT!?) and came in as a stray. After over 10 months in the shelter, Benedict now knows his basic commands, love belly rubs, has all vaccines, is not aggressive towards people, and enjoys playing with other dogs of “medium” energy!

What is most special about Benedict, you ask? You wouldn’t know it by watching him play and interact with other people and dogs, but he is actually deaf!! Despite this disability, Benedict has learned hand commands for sit, stay, come, and is amazingly obedient and responsive to them. I have been told by shelter staff that because of his amazing behavior, obedience, and brains – an adopter would not need to have experience with deaf dogs before!

We think this makes him especially deserving of a safe and warm home with someone who is capable of giving him an active lifestyle and space to move. He loves to play, to go on walks, and continually makes eye contact with those leading him – in an effort to listen as intently as possible despite his deafness!

Benedict is neutered, is between 4 – 5 years old, is considered a Pit – Dogo Argentino mix, and would LOVE for you and your family (or other pets) to come meet him at the Long Beach Animal Care Shelter. You can go do so anytime Wednesday through Sundays 10:00am – 4:00pm.

Let’s find Benedict an adopter who has a special heart for a dog like him before he is soon placed on the Red List and faces euthanasia. Fosters are also an option at this time, so if you know of anyone who would be able to adopt, foster, or even just share Benedict’s story with their friends, followers, and/or family – please TAG THEM BELOW AND RESHARE THIS POST WITH A FEW TAGS TO YOUR OWN STORY! It takes 10 seconds of your life and could save his.

Truly, you never know who might see Benedict and fall in love. Every Red List Rescue I have ever started has ended with the adopter or foster saying, “I just saw the pup and something inside of me said I must save him.” Sometimes this comes from rescuers who weren’t even looking!! So please, don’t underestimate the value of your share, repost, tag. It can and does save lives.

For serious adoption/foster inquires please email or DM me on Instagram @brittneirae.

Let’s go Red List Rescue team! For Benedict!!

Animal Shelter ID: A677214 


Thank you for your help in saving lives.

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