About Frost Fund

Frost Fund began in 2015 as a voluntary animal and conservation outreach project called, Why Should You Care (WSYC). During its eight formative years as WSYC, the Frost Fund founder created diverse local and international outreach campaigns, grassroots fundraising events, and acquired strong relationships with many animal organizations.
Equipped with a Masters in the Conservation and Management of Protected Areas + BS Environmental Science and Policy degree, the founder’s goal has always been to support the creation of a more compassionate relationship between humans and animals.
However, in 2023, a life-changing rescue related event initiated the decision to transition from WSYC into Frost Fund; now a registered 501 C (3). The mission of Frost Fund is quite similar to what it was before, but with a sharpened focus and greater intention to better the lives of animals and the people protecting them.

Mission Statement: To provide hope and resources to animals and the people protecting them through education, rescue advocacy, and support.

What are some of Frost Fund’s operational beliefs?

  • That one animal saved is worth the fight. 
  • That hope is foundational to the long term success of animal advocacy related efforts.
  • That each individual person is gifted with unique strengths and connections to make a difference in the lives of animals. 
  • That although there is an abundance of darkness and sadness in the animal wellness world, there is also good and it is worth representing and fighting for. 
  • That no one organization holds all the answers (including Frost Fund), but that collectively we can all act and support each other to make a difference for animals.
  • That a formal education and/or years of experience is not always required to make a difference.
  • That creativity, passion, fun, strength, planning, commitment, networking, grace, teamwork, and taking breaks are essential towards the success of Frost Fund’s mission.
  • That animals ultimately need and depend on us to speak up for their well being.
  • That a healthy balance in mind, body, and spirit is essential towards the long term sustainability of working in animal welfare.
  • That anything is possible if you are willing and able to do the hard work for it.
  • That God is involved in every aspect of Frost Fund and the glory is ultimately to him.

How will communities benefit from Frost Fund?

Animals at the local and global scale (both domestic and wild) are directly impacted by human actions. Their ability to live lives filled with support, proper care, and fair treatment is directly dependent on individual and collective actions. Frost Fund strives to give animals and the people taking actions to protect them hope and resources through various avenues of advocacy, support, and education. This simultaneously provides the community with an increased opportunity to learn more about (and to use their own platforms to share) animal welfare needs, conservation efforts, and to directly participate in creating a more compassionate future for animals.

What main ways does Frost Fund operate?

Education – Frost Fund maintains the goal to create and publish educational videos and written content related to local/global + domestic/wild animal wellness topics. It is the intention that these videos/articles will be shared on social media platforms, by other like-minded organizations, and within the community. Monthly videos and written content to the website will also be shared, as well as “featured” content throughout each year. Additionally, there will be an education component shared at each Frost Fund fundraising or Sweat to Protect event and podcasts.

Rescue advocacy – Frost Fund maintains the goal to help promote and connect fosters/adopters with animals who are red listed (or close to being red listed) at shelters. The goal is for advocacy to take place on social media platforms so that interested fosters and/or adopters can be connected specifically with the animal in an effort to increase the likelihood of rescue. Frost Fund may also reach out to rescue organizations in the event that a foster is found to encourage application and approval of the foster by the rescue. However, Frost Fund is not a rescue itself and is not obligated to act as a rescue in anyway during the advocacy process or after the exchange of an animal into a rescue/approved foster relationship.

Support – Frost Fund maintains the goal to collaborate with other like-minded organizations to help increase awareness of their causes as well as funding to their organization. The goal is to strategize collaborative Sweat to Protect fundraising events and other creative fundraising methods as desired. Frost Fund will also host informative podcasts to support and share the messages of those working on the frontlines of animal advocacy, rescue, conservation, and care. 

Frost Fund Code of Conduct

  1. Frost Fund does not claim to be a rescue organization. Although Frost Fund may choose to participate by providing additional financial support to rescues/fosters/adopters, Frost Fund is not required nor obligated to do so at any point before, during, or after the rescue/adoption/foster process.
  2. Frost Fund is not legally bound to any outside organization, rescue, individual, organization, or shelter and participates in animal advocacy on a voluntary basis through its own organizational efforts.
  3. Frost Fund is an approved 501 (C) 3 non profit and all donations made are tax deductible. 
  4. All participating Frost Fund directors, board members, interns, and volunteers agree to the information, beliefs, and operational procedures outlined in the “About Frost Fund” section of the website.
  5. Frost Fund volunteers, interns, board members, directors, and all other participating parties understand that Frost Fund is managed and supported by individuals who currently maintain full time jobs and other obligations. With this in mind, there is an understanding that Frost Fund will show grace and understanding towards any/all of its team members. Mutual respect is given for all participants, stakeholders, and participating organizations in this regard and is expected in return.

Final thoughts:

Frost Fund understands that small continual impacts can lead to cumulative positive changes in the lives of people and animals. Whether by changing hearts and minds through education, saving an animal’s life from shelter euthanasia, or by providing an outside helping hand to local non profits; Frost Fund seeks to provide encouragement and opportunity where the options are otherwise limited.

Frost Fund realizes that the world can often feel heavy and relentless when working in animal welfare, conservation, and/or rescue. So, while in the process of accomplishing tangible goals, Frost Fund also seeks to provide strength, faith, and encouragement to each person and animal met along the way.

Frost Fund knows that no impact is too small, one life saved is worth celebrating, and that education has the power to change the future for increased empathetic and responsible relationships between humans and animals.

As a registered 501 (C) 3, Frost Fund cannot make any of the above happen without the generous donations and encouragement provided by supporters. For any amount given, the Frost Fund team and those we seek to support are extremely thankful.

Please view the Frost Fund Story video below to learn more from CEO, Brittnei Schaeffler.

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